Wednesday, February 28

could it be "usaphile?"

enid: "what would you change about your past, if you were allowed hindsight?"

the man: "i'd have travelled in asia rather than the states after university. i suppose i was too much of a... a... there's no word for it."

enid: "you liked america?"

the man: "yeah."

enid: "no, there isn't. not like francophile."

the man: "yankophile?"

enid: "i think there's a good reason there's no word for it."


Wendz said...

I can't think of one either - just wasted 5 min thinking about it. But not usaphile - sounds like an STD.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enid. I think saying 'unclesamophile' is perhaps a little more dignified than 'yankophile'.

tinks said...

Was reading the man's post but couldn't reply there and I don't know the email address.

My comment there would have been

"I'd say your first attempt (americanophile) was right - if the New York Times can use it then so can you."

Tristan said...

Maybe, but there is a debate from on the use of yankophile

Personal i prefer le Américanophile.

Miz Melly said...

why doesn't enid and the man tour europe for the summer and write a comedy film script and miz melly and the philosopher will produce it. i think they would write something really funny. i know they gave it a bash a couple of years ago. i think they should have another go.

tinks said...

they did? miz melly - where do I find that?

elena jane said...

rofl, made my day enid....

enid said...

wendz, enid thinks usaphile sounds like a person you'd want to put in prison.

unclesamophile is nice, little miss moi.

tinks and tristan, how clever. enid didn't even suspect they were real words. especially yankophile.

miz melly, enid doesn't really think her and the man's comedy was funny enough. (though she'd love to have something produced by you and the philosopher.) it doesn't exist anywhere except on her hard drive, tinks. she could publish a bit on this blog, maybe... she'd have to check how awful it was.

thanks, elena jane!

Sally Lomax said...

Very funny Enid!!
Love the Yankophile!

tinks said...

sorry enid to come back to a totally off topic thing. how's things going with the sf move? Or has it been abandoned?

Robin said...

I had to smile, and try as I might, I've got nothing "better" to suggest.

enid said...

hi sally, hope you've caught up with everything and are back to blogworld?

tinks, nothing definite, hence no blog on the subject. enid's getting stresseder and stresseder.

thanks for reading robin. enid thinks she'll go for yankophile.