Saturday, February 10

the first ever quite literally moment

enid and the man spent the first four weeks of their honey-two-moons in vietnam. one day they were in a bus to the dmz, where they had the misfortune to be sharing air with an englishman of the most obnoxious kind. he was good-looking in a hugh grant way and, worse, he knew it. he lounged on the back seat, flipped his floppy fringe and bored the arses off his victims (most of the bus - he had a carrying voice).

"yeah, we were in pat pong for the moon festival, yeah stoned out of our minds the whole time. there was this noodle shack where we got the most fantastic pad thai for only 3 baht. great tofu. that's where i got this ying yang tattoo - mindblowing isn't it. yeah, and i feel so sorry for my friends stuck at uni at home - they're missing out on a real education, seeing the world, taking on board some new concepts..."

half way through a description of a bar in koh samui, he said, "and the girls were quite literally throwing themselves at me."

enid and the man looked at each other as the same mental picture formed in their minds. the man mimed bodily propulsion, and let out a small monty python squeak. enid giggled. then enid mimed more forceful bodily propulsion, and let out a louder monty python squeak. the man laughed. very soon natural escalation of bodily gestures had taken them to the point where they were barely able to breathe for laughter and the whole bus was staring at them.

since then, quite-literally moments have been one of their favourite running jokes. a joke, which unlike dutch ovens or the ring stories, enid is willing to share with the interweb.

their most recent qlm was this morning, as enid read this: "A minuet ago (quite literally), Redfin expanded its San Francisco “Sweet Digs” blog to include “eyewitness reviews” of Bay Area listings."


Beccy said...

If I were ever to be stuck on a bus for a long journey (heaven forbid) I would like to be sitting next to you, as I think you would make it more bearable!

Sally Lomax said...

Why are good looks like that wasted on such people? Or is it that because they know they are so good looking they become like that?

I'd have love to have seen the qlm on the bus though!

Brilliant blog Enid!

tinks said...

Loving this blog. Have also seen the same type of guy.

As an aside, if I've got the right person, comments have been requested on FTOSF but they don't seem to be saved...

enid said...

thanks chaps! enid has a big grin on her face now.

sally, i reckon good looking men are always to be avoided. far too self satisified. not that enid likes to generalise, of course. oh, and of course, if the man is reading this, he is the best looking man in the whole of this hotel room, uh, she means country.

enid said...

ooo, and tinks, you have got the right person. how clever! enid's secret is out. the man will sort comments out, he says.