Friday, February 9

walking along oxford street

a girl just ahead is wearing pink shorts, black fishnets and long white boots. (it doesn't only happen in molvania.)

the man (booming like a fog horn in a force 9 gale): what the bloody hell does she think she looks like!

enid (in a hissy whisper): remember which country you're in!

the man (normal volume): oh, yeah...


Billy & MrsF said...

That was me. I was very hurt.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enid. That's funny. Mr Moi and I are already anticipating the loud insults coming thick and fast on returning to english speaking world.

You know, if you checked closely, perhaps that young lady was a Molvanian dyevushka. You never know where they'll pop up.

enid said...

billy, you really should shave your legs if you're wearing fishnets.

enid said...

hey, little miss moi, you could be right. last time she was in london, enid was stopped and asked directions *in russian*. the person wasn't even stunned when she stumbled through an answer.

ChrisB said...

In this weather (or are we talking about a 'working girl'!!)

Sally Lomax said...

Cringe cringe cringe. Did you dive into the nearest shop for obscurity Enid when the man made the comment?


Sally Lomax said...

Just in case you meet the head office of our friends
while you are in London Enid, I have done as you have suggested and blogged my comment. Do give them my regards!


Sally Lomax said...

That link didn't work!!

Try linking to this HBSCinstead!


Wendz said...

Aah yes. We forget where we are.

Years ago, I was on a train going up the Alps to a ski-station, and in front of me where 2 women, speaking Afrikaans (yes South Africans do get out and about) and they were trashing the other people around Afrikaans...and I of course understood it all....was very tempted to say something to those miffy cows in Afrikaans...but held my tongue. Man they embarrassed me.

We forget that the world is a very small place.

enid said...

chris, enid thinks that either you're right, or little miss moi is, and this is actually a molvanian visiting, and finding it quite warm in london, thanks. (plus cold weather never stops a true molvanian showing her assets.)

but she's forgetting that billy's admitted it was him. are you from the north, billy?

enid said...

sally, that's fantastic. as she commented on your blog, enid was chortling so hard she spilt her coffee. she hopes her laptop survives.

wendz, you remind enid of a similar story. she knew a black guy in japan who told this story. one day he was on the london underground when two japanese girls opposite started discussing his looks (and the japanese can be pretty xenophobic). as the train reached his stop, he stood up, and in perfect japanese said, "excuse me, but i think you should be a little more careful who you discuss in public."