Sunday, February 11

what a load of bankers (continued)

at the end of the last part of this story, enid had managed to get a replacement cash card, but had no pin number for it. she called hbsc, who said,"oh, it'll be the same as your last one."

"oh, fantastic!" (was this saga finally coming to an end?)

"unless..." (no. enid spotted that the background music to her life had switched to a minor key, and the bassoons had started playing.)

"unless what?"

"unless you changed it."

"i changed it," said enid.

"why don't you try it, and then call me back to order a new one if it doesn't work."

"huh?" said enid. "you're telling me that if i've changed the pin, then i need a new one. i'm telling you i've changed the pin, so, by your logic, i need a new one. let's avoid a pointless trip to the bankomat in the snow, and another phone call, and order the new pin now." you've got to wonder, thought enid, at how stupid these people can be.

at this point, to avoid needless repetition, enid will just refer the reader to her last posting on this subject. imagine another round of instructions to send the pin number by courier, those instructions being ignored, a letter being lost, the instructions to send by courier being repeated in stronger terms, and skip forward a month to a tuesday afternoon in january. enid is working in her living room. there's a knock on the door - it's the courier. enid thanks him, and takes two (two?) well wrapped letters back to her desk.

she opens them. both of them tell her her new pin code - which is exactly the same as her old one. was the stupid customer service representative in bangalore actually not so stupid after all? and if so, why could she tell enid if her original pin code was the same, but not tell her if she'd changed it. is hbsc owned by cold war russians?

well, enough's enough. enid's decided she'll be switching banks. she's going to move her money to sally's new financial institution, TPB. go and read about it- it's the funniest-and-at-the-same-time-most-scarily-accurate posting enid's seen for yonks.


Beccy said...

I can't believe they did this, I mean I believe you but are they really that stupid? The answer is obviously yes.

Wendz said...

I have one question Enid..

"Why are banks so utterly utterly utterly crap?"

It's a funny post to be sure..but I felt so angry reading it, and then reading Sally's post. Damn it.

ps don't mind me..again..I have PMS.

Billy & MrsF said...

Enid let me get this right. For two pins you would change your bank.

Yes I'm from t'north sort of.

Sally Lomax said...

Every day in every way the TPB becomes more attractive....... Today I had another saga, but having posted the "TPB" I can't better it really, so will leave it there in terms of postings.



elena jane said...

lol, i have been following the saga of your bank and am thinking that those old ladies with money in their mattresses is really a great idea :)

enid said...

hi beccy & wendz. sadly, enid really thinks hbsc are that stupid. and she'd leave them even for a single pin, billy.

sally, that's the trouble with bank stories. you're never short of material, are you? enid could fill several blogs with stories of hbsc.

elena jane, if you haven't already, pop over to sally's blog and read this post.

ChrisB said...

enid as you say the Sally's bank is becoming desirable (my bank told me yesterday not to leave much money in current account so there's not much to steal !!) not sure if they were referring to their own charges!!

enid said...

chris, enid is stunned. surely the only thing banks provide over a box under the mattress is security. gah.