Monday, February 19

only in california

there's a new free magazine out in san francisco called "bay woof". the byline is "news with bite for bay area dog lovers." enough for an oic post all on its own, you might think, but there's more... on page 18, there's a calendar of doggy events for the next couple of months. on march 1st, you and your doggy friend can attend the annual bark and whine ball at san francisco gift center pavilion. it's a fund raiser for the SPCA, and offers a cocktail buffet, live music* and silent** auction. the text reads, "where else can you dance with your favorite pooch and still be considered socially acceptable?"***

what is more, and enid is not making this up, the event is black tie.

*fluffy is a disco diva, stalin's more a doom metal and grind core kind of animal.
**ever optimistic, these americans.
***the tenderloin.


Wendz said...

I am so looking forward to your US posts once you move - I reckon you'll have us howling with laughter at those mad Yanks.

Hilarious...a doggy ball.

enid said...

wendz, enid just has this picture in her mind of men in tuxes dancing with dogs on their hindlegs with little tutus on. if she were talented, she'd paint it.

Beccy said...

Will you be there Enid, we want to see photos and hear all about it!

samantha louise said...

hahahaha I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

enid said...

hi samatha louise and beccy. enid wants to go too, and take lots of grainy black and white photos of dogs dancing with humans - but sadly she'll be back in molvania then. next year, perhaps.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enid. isn't the average molvanian dance club filled with dogs?

(OK OK I am being mean. That was just for laffs, folks).

ChrisB said...

LOL enid will have to get them practising ready for next year.

Sally Lomax said...

Do the dogs wear black tie too?

enid said...

ooo, little miss moi, tsk tsk. write out 100 times "i must not be mean to molvanians."

chris, fluffy's quite nippy on her back paws already. enid thinks she'd enjoy it. stalin will be wearing black tie, not that anyone will be able to tell. what about fluffy? a little red dress, perhaps?

enid presumes mud and beard food stains are optional.