Monday, February 26

on the difficulties of conversing while wearing a padded hood

the man: "and then I defended myself from some mice"

enid: "what?"

the man: "i said, I up-ended myself on some ice."


Robin said...

I giggled...out loud.

Here to read your Fun Monday :).

tinks said...

So did I - I can just imagine your face!

I can also visualise the man doing either of those.

Wendz said...

I think it's Enid who has been hitting the curacao, non?

Jenny said...

Love it!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear enid. Is that nice picture a picture of you and the man fishing on the Dniepr. You're both very talented to do that.

Beccy said...

Ha, ha, Love it Enid.

Sally Lomax said...

Send two and fourpence........


Shock horror, we found evidence of mice, not ice, today. The cat was nowhere to be seen of course. I think he's a pacifist.

enid said...

hi robin, and welcome!

tinks, the man doesn't hear anything enid says at the best of times, so it's revenge when she doesn't hear him!

wendz, no blue vomit for enid thanks :-) she's uncorked the anti-depressant again this evening.

thanks jenny!

hi little miss moi, sadly no. the photo was taken last winter, when enid and the man were living in the middle of nowhere. they managed to walk across the lake a few times, but never the fishing. far too chilly.

thanks beccy!

sally, a pacifist cat? whatever next. did you call him ghandi?

Sally Lomax said...



Little Miss Moi said...

Heheh my dad's name is sid.

And we had a friend who had a dog called sid.

enid said...

enid thinks sid is probably a more feline name than ghandi. not that she's casting any aspersions on the humanity of your dad, little miss moi.