Monday, February 5

fun monday

this week's fun monday is hosted at anecdotes, antidotes and anodes, and the idea is to link to memorable posts and introduce each other to new bloggers or little-read blog posts from old friends.

if ever there were two words not meant for each other, they were "fun" and "monday", so enid decided that in her posting she'd try to cheer you up a bit. she's posted links to bloggers she thinks you may not have read, bloggers who deserve a wider audience.

enid's just discovered twenty major, who blogs from dublin and is very funny indeed. here he is on those out of office message things.

carpetblogger used to blog from ukraine, which is almost exactly the same country as molvania, so enid only wishes they'd managed to meet up and be opinionated about the country together. here is carpetblogger in fine form, dissing aerosvit. (enid doesn't usually make new year's resolutions, but she's just made one about not using this airline.)

enid's real-world, meat-based, friend juvation blogs very amusingly about destroying objects, including this base station. if only he'd blog more often - perhaps if you persuade him, he will.

yaxlich is probably better known to most people the others above, but enid couldn't miss out on one of his funniest posts, this one in which he stays up late and blogs under the influence. (of what is not specified. enid often blogs under the influence of caffeine, but no-one has suspected a thing.)

it's only five long days until the weekend. have a fun monday!


The very nice man said...

Brilliant and weird collection of suggestions! Loved it!

Sally Lomax said...

Excellent Enid. I loved that Yaxlich post too. Very funny!

Karmyn said...

I have never read Yaxlich. He is hilarious. THanks for that!!!

Beccy said...

eNID, i LOVED TWENTY MAOR AND am already a fan of Yaxlich. Great choices, thanks for making me laugh!

ChrisB said...

enid really liked yaxlich it was good to laugh after reading so many emotional posts.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich is very grateful for including him in such an impressive list and would also like to say hello to all the nice people who have come to visit him.

The influence was Kronenbourg 1664. Yaxlich has learnt his lesson.

Leann said...

thanks for sharing.God bless.and have a nice week.

enid said...

enid's glad you enjoyed her links, and she'd like to welcome the very nice man, karmyn, yaxlich and leann to her blog.