Wednesday, January 17


enid is very chuffed this evening because she’s no longer a tag virgin. yes, she’s been tagged by sally, who writes wise words about life with five husbands and a child (or was it the other way round?) enid’s fairly new to this blogging business, so she thinks it will be easy to tell you five things that you didn’t already know.

sally was inspired by babies. enid will try to be inspired by someone who looks very like a baby... the man.

(one) you might have guessed from that introduction that the man is very bald. the poor thing has been that way since the age of 21. when enid first met the man, he was just as bald but had a long, curly pony tail. with huge forbearance, enid did not comment on the disgustingness of same. luckily, the man looked in a mirror one day and decided enid should cut the offending article off. once she’d done so, he put it in a large brown envelope, and sent it to his mother - who was convinced he’d been kidnapped, and wondered where the ransom note was.

(two) enid and the man were married in 1997. they had a very small wedding, with just their family, promising their friends a big party when (if) they reached their tenth wedding anniversary. after all, they said, any old fool can stand in front of a registrar - it takes perseverance to last for that amount of time. well, in a couple of months, enid and the man will have been married for ten lon-, uh, wonderful years. (enid thinks it’s pretty safe to say this. even if she started divorce proceedings now, she doesn’t think they’d have completed by march 1st.) enid, the man and their bank are hoping that none of their friends remember this promise.

(three) enid had another boyfriend, angus, when she met the man. after she dumped angus (quite kindly, she thinks), he found out about the man, and wasn’t best pleased. one night, as enid and the man left the pub, they saw angus’s car outside, and angus inside it. the man walked across the car park towards home, while enid hung back, timidly. angus started his car, revved the engine, and drove straight for the man, who had to jump onto the bonnet and run over the roof to escape. (a few weeks later angus forgave them both, and they are all friends again now.)

(four) the man has the largest collection of music of any entity enid has ever known, including itunes. there are several albums that he has bought twice, forgetting that he’s already got them in his collection.

(five) only today, the man sent enid a love pome. (she thinks he was trying to cheer her up after the awful corporate night out.) it was the first pome she’s ever had from him that didn’t start “hippedy pippedy pop”.

(six) and since she’s just been nice to the man there, enid thinks she’ll show him up. one day at work, enid and the man were discussing expenses with their boss. “hey,” asked the man, “what does the ‘m’ in ‘per diem’ stand for?”

enid would like to tag her old chums stephen and annette of abu dhabbling. she thinks it’s only fair if they do five things each.


Sally Lomax said...

Wow! Your man did well to escape the car!! Could have been a bit nasty that. What's it like to be so beautiful, intelligent and witty that you have men threatening to kill one another over you???!!!!! What a great blog. I think that you more than met my challenge and bettered it! so funny!!


enid said...

if only enid were beautiful, intelligent and witty... she thinks it's more to do with angus than her, actually. he had quite a temper, even if he wasn't a red-haired scot.

thanks, sally, enid enjoyed that.

enid said...

enid's just realised she did six things! blame it on an excess of enthusiasm, not an inability to count.

Beccy said...

Hi Enid, Sally sent me over and I am very pleased she did too. That's a very funny post though the car incident was a bit scary.

Beccy said...

Enid just read loads of your posts and wanted to say you've brightened up my day and got a new fan.

enid said...

thanks beccy, and enid is going to have a nice cup of peppermint tea now (metaphorically). you do meet some nice people on the interweb.

ChrisB said...

Hi Enid I was encouraged to read your blog by my daughter (beccy) and sally. How right they are you have certainly given me a good laugh with your wonderfully amusing posts so thank you. I shall be visiting you regularly from now on

enid said...

thanks chris. a whole family of bloggers, does that every get interesting? do you ever get three versions of the same story on the interweb, each of you swearing it's true?

enid was already reading your other daughter, sam, for her excellent food postings on san francisco. enid's moving there in a few months, and she likes to be prepared, food-wise.

it's not an original thought, but it's funny what a small world it can be sometimes.

Carpetblogger said...

funny you should mention families of bloggers. I don't know if you read Wu Wei, but Helene's daughter just started a blog, in which she give her perspective on the "notorious nose piercing incident," as her mother calls it. It's pretty funny to read both versions.

Good luck in SF. It's where I'd live if I could afford it. Istanbul is almost as good, with half the 'tude, too.

enid said...

carpetblogger, enid's read your blog for yonks and she's really chuffed to welcome you to hers. she reads wu wei as well - thanks for the tip about her daughter's blog. enid would persuade her mothe to blog, except that she's frightened of both kinds of mice.

2Crazzie4U said...

What a blessing it is to have read this! Chris B. posted you as a Fun Monday#3 contestant. But you have mentioned something about the guy not ebing a red headed scot.. boy-o-boy would i love to marry a Scot!!..-grins- But whatever comes my way will be good too! Keep up the wonderful work and keep on smileing- which maked the world goes around!

enid said...

welcome to enid's blog, 2crazzie4u - enid's glad you enjoyed yourself. she presumes that's a nickname, not something your parents christened you?