Friday, January 5

fondue murder in shirt shock

enid has a fantastic mother-in-law, who stands in the kitchen ironing the man’s clothes while enid plays with the interweb. well, that’s not quite right. just now mil had put the ironing on hold to read a shirt. “what does this mean?” she asks, “switzerland was a very long way from salt lake, but i wanted to get a long way from that den of iniquity - far enough to forget a few people, and far enough for them to forget me.”

enid had to admit she had no idea why anyone would write a pot-boiler on the inside of a shirt. together, enid and her mother-in-law explored the garment and found another panel which claimed that an alpine fondue, #1050, was evidence of a murder weapon.

curiosity peaked, enid turned to the internet, and found this it seems that the makers of the man’s new shirt write a novella each season - this one is about jackson archer, a private eye from salt lake city. he needs a vacation and hopes the quiet charm of château lenzerheide, with its soothing views of the weisse kiefern peak, will clear his mind. no such luck: on the night of his arrival, the owner of the chalet is mysteriously murdered with a fondue fork.

apparently the story and the clues that lead archer to solve the mystery are sewn into the label's clothes. enid has informed the man that they need to recover their finances after christmas before he can even think of reading more about the main suspect, suzette claris, a chic but pouty french actress.


Stephen said...

Hi. Can Enid tell us more about her fantastic diet?

Stephen said...

Can Enid tell us more about her fantastic self-invented diet?

enid said...

go on then. but enid thinks this needs another whole post. maybe she get round to it after she's finished her sausage bap.