Tuesday, January 30

the aftermath

enid: “I am very pissed off with you, you know. you didn’t even seem very sorry.”

tm: “I was... uh... am sorry. i said so. i even gave natalie an extra £10.”

enid: “because i asked you to.”

tm: “you didn’t.”

enid “i did.”

tm: “well, you did, but i thought of it too.”

enid: “and what about me, you didn’t give me an extra £10.”

tm: “i would have got you flowers.”

would have? what does that mean? would have if i’d been bothered? would have if i’d remembered where my wallet was? would have if i hadn’t had some important video games to play that evening? would have if i’d realised how thin the line is that separates amusing dizziness and irritating incompetence?


Anonymous said...

It's a fine line between incompetence and being amusingly scatty. I suspect it's a little a quantum wave function. It collapses differently depending on the observer.


enid said...

Gah, almost forgiven, anonymouse.

Sally Lomax said...

BIG bunch of flowers need i think!

Beccy said...

I think the man has some serious grovelling to do, forget the bunch of flowers, Enid derserves a weekend of pampering for that!

enid said...

Now you're talking, beccy! and there should be a big bunch of flowers too, enid thinks. why compromise on something so important...