Tuesday, January 23

realtors really can't rite

enid is reading a lot of so-called english written by realtors at the moment. (realtors, for anyone as out of touch with modern american culture as enid is, are estate agents.)

she finds it quite amusing that most of the houses have dinning rooms. presumably that’s because the city streets are so noisy.

then there was the one with the "Elegant Lge Master Suit on Uppr Level". presumably a nice pinstripe, stored in an "Elegant Lge Master Closet".

this morning, enid read the best one yet: “Large sunny bat has a fully installed PureEarth Technologies Inc. whole house water filtration system.” enid wonders how you would install a whole house water filtration system in a bat, even if it were a large and sunny one.


Sally Lomax said...

We have original Georgian windows in our house and a 17th or 18th Century stone fireplace, and they will insist on writing "Georgian style windows and stone surround fireplace." Makes it sound like something that was built in the 70's!!
Also why do they always INSIST on calling me Mrs. Lomax, when I ahve repeatedly said "Call me Sally." it's almost as if they think I am SO old that they couldn't POSSIBLY call anyone of THAT generation by their first name. (And I'm only 24 (SAY).

I ahve rewritten details LOTS of times. Too many to remember...

I HATE estate agents. ALmost as much as banks and insurance companies. Although I do have to say we have got one nice agent near here - but he doesn't seem to get any customers sadly.

Beccy said...

I commented on a US blog and was complimented for my use of the English language. Ha, not my strongest subject by a long shot while at school; I also had a sister who was (and still is ) brilliant at writing so my mother (hi Mum) thought my literature was below par. It's nice to be appreciated, mind you my spelling has not improved!

Wendz said...

Wendz feels very sorry for Enid because she has to live in a land where they do such awful things to bats...and what's more..their food is poo and everything is sickly sweet.

enid said...

sally, enid agrees wholeheartedly. she feels she shouldn't really have taken the piss out of estate agents; they're such an easy target.

beccy, enid thinks english is something you have to mature into, like a good cheese. and at school they bang on too much about spelling and capital letters and things that enid thinks are much less important than just expressing yourself well. and she thinks you write really well, so there.

wendz, enid has never been a yankophile, and she preferred living in the south of france better than anywhere else she's lived, but now she must admit that she's looking forward to california compared to molvania. another winter here would depress her so much you'd have to dig her out of the ground.

ChrisB said...

Beccy not fair but I admit I could never understand why teachers allowed spellings to go unmentioned. No one wants to stifle creativity and you know I am an avid supporter of your blog.

Enid my experience of estate agents is that they are always economical with the truth however they write.

enid said...

chris, enid agrees - but it's best when theyr'e funny too. makes the lies kind of worthwhile.