Tuesday, January 2


2006 brought enid both ups and downs:

:-( enid unwillingly left the south of france followed the man to moldova on christmas eve 2005, and was very unhappy and lonely for the first part of 2006.

:-) in the middle of the year enid discovered antidepressants and a better attitude - and the sun came out. she made a wonderful moldovan friend, who is bringing up her baby on her own without a complaint.

:-( satan and fluffy were bitten by moldovan insects in the summer, and were so ill they needed blood transfusions.

:-) in august enid started a new long term contract with her old english employer, and felt a bit better about herself. she also got to visit london every month, see old friends and buy essentials like books and DVDs.

:-) in september enid and the man moved to a lovely flat in the centre of town, from where enid can walk to a english bookshop, an austrian cake shop and the pub. what more could a girl want?

:-) to be thinner, of course. in october, enid invented her own diet, which works so well that she has so far lost 20lb, despite the cake shop and the pub, and she can now buy nice girly clothes when she visits london.

enid hopes that 2007 will return english-speaking culture and friends to her life as she moves to america. she hopes that anyone reading this blog finds their heart’s desire in 2007 too.

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