Wednesday, January 10

stay hungry

so, this is enid’s new way of eating. (not diet, it’s not temporary, she likes it so much she’s going to do it forever.) be warned, it’s not based on current thinking about when to eat, probably not at all good for you, and enid is not a doctor. what it is is simple.

enid doesn’t eat all day, and then she eats and drinks whatever she likes for dinner.

that’s it.

all of it.

it’s easy to understand and there’s no counting of calories or fat units - that kind of thing is far too difficult to keep up. people start in a rush of enthusiasm, but then they get fed up of all the accountancy and they can’t be bothered any more, and the weight piles back on.

enid also thinks eating is a bit like an addiction, and banning eating from most of the day has helped her a lot. she’s one of those people who, once she’s started eating, tends to be popping into the kitchen every five minutes for another bit of cheese, or a biscuit. now she knows she doesn’t need to think about food, and it clears her mind for other things. she does want a break from the computer every so often, so she indulges in really good coffee and herbal teas.

people ask enid, “don’t you get incredibly hungry?”

enid replies, “well, yes, i do - but in a way that’s the point. now the food i eat at dinner tastes like the most amazing food in the world, because i’m properly hungry, not full from lunch and snacking. anyway, after a week or so, i stopped being so very hungry all day, and got used to the feeling too. now, when i have lunch, i feel full and too sleepy to work - particularly if i eat carbohydrates.”

people say, “have lunch? do you break your diet then?”

enid says, “no, because it’s not a diet, it’s just staying hungry. sometimes i have to fit in with the people around me, sometimes i know i really need to eat. it’s not a prison sentence, it’s a choice.”

“fit in with the people around you?”

“yes. if christmas dinner is served at 2, i don’t annoy everyone by saying i only eat after 7. so long as i’m losing weight slowly, i’m happy. i’ll get there in the end.”

“so you eat lunch and breakfast whenever anyone else does?”

“no, just when it’s a special occasion, like christmas or a holiday. if i want to keep someone company, and stop them feeling awkward, but i don’t want to eat, i’ll have a piece of fruit, or drink some soup.”

“you’re weird.”


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Sally Lomax said...

One of my best friedns only eats when she's hungry, and hse's thin.

It works for her. So it will work for you too I think!