Wednesday, January 3

not banking on it

at the moment, enid is very, very cross with her bank (which she’ll call hbsc to disguise its true identity). she thinks it comes off very badly as a place for keeping her money when compared to a shoebox under her bed:

does enid have instant access to her money?
hbsc: no, just £200 a day
shoebox: yes, all of it

if enid checks into a hotel in her maiden name, does that matter?
hbsc: yes, because her cards are in her married name and the hotel thinks she’s nicked them
shoebox: no

if enid leaves molvania, where all she can buy are crappy wooden dolls and vodka, and goes to london, and spends lots of money, is her access to her own money stopped?
hbsc: yes, because it’s an “unusual spending pattern” - i.e. someone might have nicked the card and then we lose money, and we don’t want that do we, so better to cause enid some pretty major inconvenience.
shoebox: no

enid supposes her bank has other advantages, but she doesn’t want to think of them now because she’s still cross.


Sally Lomax said...

I couldn't agree more Enid!!

Have a look at my site, first entry 17th october ish last year. That too is about "HBSC" or some such bank with a similar name!!


enid said...

here's sally's very amusing story:

enid now realises that she should scream more when she calls hbsc.

Sally Lomax said...

Indeed, we all should!!

Thanks for reading me!!