Sunday, March 11

red nose day

if you're british or live in britain, or both, get your good socks on and send your funniest post off to mike at troubled diva. he's had a big idea, which really deserves capitals, but enid doesn't want to stop the habit of a blog-life.

next friday (march 16) is comic relief's red nose day. mike is going to assemble and publish – in the space of just seven days - a paperback anthology of blog writing that can be sold to raise funds for the charity. the book will be called shaggy blog stories: a collection of amusing tales from the uk blogosphere.

enid's already entered, cunningly giving herself a couple of days advantage over both her readers. get to it, mum and dad!


Beccy said...

The problem for me may be in finding a funny post!

dodo said...

i ddon't really ddo funny. could I bake him a cake? or make him a coffee while he's compiling?

enidd said...

hi beccy and dodo - enidd thinks this evening is the deadline anyway. by the way, she's moved her blog here -