Saturday, March 10

gravy ripple ice-cream

both of enid's readers have been pleading and pleading for her to share the disgusting game with them. readers, she wonders why you are so short of entertainment of an evening. don't you have television in england?

the disgusting game was named thus because it is disgusting and a game and enid is a very literal person. the idea is to invent the most disgusting dish in the world by combining foodstuffs that are not, in themselves, inedible. for example, gravy ripple ice-cream. just makes you want to rush off to baskin-robbins, doesn't it? here are a few more to help you get the idea, then please give enid a giggle and have a go yourself in the comments.

  • tuna and snickers toasted sandwich

  • liver and onion cheesecake

  • oxtail pavlova

  • kitkat in the hole

  • cornish kipper cream tea (scones, kipper paste, clotted cream)

  • steak tartare and custard

  • tripe and onion crumble

  • herring soufflĂ© with hot fudge sauce

  • black forest spam gateau

  • peanut butter and peanut butter


Mr. X said...

We are quite sure that Elvis had tried most of these anyway.

We would like to contribute the classic "Roast Beef and Custard", or the more exotic "Tiramsu in Tabasco Sauce"

We feel that some disgusting entity will make rude jokes about the placement and numbers of fingers in the Kit-Kat one, but it won't be us. Oh No.

P.S. If Enid doesn't mind, we would like to blogroll you.

Beccy said...

Me thinks Enid has enough disgusting concoctions there but I'll give it a go.

How about mars bar mornay or banana cheese.

I agree wholeheartedly with peanut butter and peanut butter.

tinks said...

I'm not a peanut butter fan either...

I think the kit kat in the hole might actually be a success, they do after all do deep fried mars bars in scotland, and as far as i remember my grandma used to use up left over yorkie puds with jam.

Am struggling to think of something to contribute - how about jellied eel cheesecake?

Am enjoying black butts, you must have had loads of free time or have been soooo bored with what you were doing tho to find the time to put that all together!

anonymouse said...

Malteser kidney pudding.

I win.

billyboy said...

Not a big fan of peanut butter after I ate a whole jar when I was six.
Did the same thing with a tin of Golden syrup about a year later.

My mate howard took a number of recipes to the grave, such as Banana and tuna curry which he enjoyed with chocolate sauce.

It was awful but we ate it. H ehad other concotions which were worse but this was a favourite of his . No wonder he died young.

enid said...

billy, you just missed the new blog, and that's a shame cos that's a real good 'un. you should republish it at