Saturday, December 9

moving on

enid and the man will be moving to california in the spring. the man has been promised a big important job at head office, and enid is going to follow him. enid has followed him to japan, france and molvania, which is where they live now.

california will be better than molvania, enid thinks. molvania is cold and the people speak molvanian, which is really russian, but you are not allowed to say so. enid doesn’t speak molvanian, or even russian, so she is quite lonely. In california, it is warm and the people speak a sort of english called american, which is much easier to understand.

Sometimes enid wonders what it would be like to go home to england again. She’d like to live in a cottage in a small town by the sea. the man would get home from work at 6 o’clock, like people used to in the olden days, and then the two of them would walk to the pub and drink warm, flat beer. perhaps afterwards they’d buy chips and eat them on the pier, watching the waves. on sundays they’d read the papers in bed, then roast some beef for friends.

enid wonders if she’d be happy with this forever, or if she’d get bored and want to travel again.

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