Wednesday, December 13


last night enid and the man had dinner in a thai/japanese restaurant. they could have had mediterranean/japanese, molvanian/japanese or pizza/japanese, but they both had a yen for something spicy, so thai/japanese it was.

the meal was good, apart from the girl mistaking enid’s order for spicy squid in basil, and giving her prawns in mayonnaise instead. perhaps it was really a thai/japanese/molvanian restaurant?

at about three am, enid started having to rush to the toilet a lot. at four am she started throwing up. today she has been shivery with a very achy tummy, and has spent the day in bed. this is a bad thing, because she is going to london at the weekend to deliver her paper on mobile graphics, and she will never get it finished now. luckily the company enid is working for is very considerate, so she doesn’t think there will be any problems, but she doesn’t like to miss her deadlines.

enid is sorry for not being funny and will try harder next time.

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