Sunday, December 10

dogs, sundays, arrests

enid wants to introduce you to her dogs. they are black russian terriers called stalin and fluffy. (those are not their real names, because dogs get named when they are very small puppies, and their genocidal tendencies have yet to become apparent.) fluffy likes to snuggle up to humans, lick their faces and display her tummy for tickling. her half brother stalin was tortured by small boys when he was a young dog, and is spending the rest of his life getting his own back. unfortunately stalin is quite bright, and remembers even minor offences against his doggy person that happened a very long time ago. for example, he was stung by a wasp when he was only a few months old, and now he snaps insanely in the air every time he hears a buzzing noise that is even faintly reminiscent of stripey insects.

now it’s december and grey so the island is deserted and even stalin is allowed to run off the lead and swim in the cold river. enid and the man enjoyed their sunday walk almost as much as the dogs did. as they drove home, enid was even thinking “it’s not so bad here”, but then they were stopped twice by the police, and the man had forgotten his car documents again, and it cost them twenty pounds in bribes to stop the car being impounded.

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