Sunday, December 10

ddiy (don't do it yourself)

when enid looks in the mirror these days, she sees someone who is starting to be an old lady, not enid, because enid-inside is 25 and has creamy, glowing skin. it’s sad to see someone else now, someone with an illness called old age that makes her skin dull, dry and starting to wrinkle.

enid has a clever little white cuboid called a magic eraser that she uses to clean the marks the dogs make from the walls. (this is relevant.) the cuboid is a white foam, very dense, and it just takes the very top layers off things without damaging them. (can you see where this is going?)

enid had a brainwave. no expensive laser face peel, just a few rubs with her magic eraser and the real, young enid underneath would be revealed. the eraser felt good on enid’s skin, refreshing, cool, so she overdid it a bit. now one of her cheeks is quite red and puffy, and her nose is sore.

enid recommends that you don’t try this at home.

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